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Акция «Трейд-ин. Pilot-BIM»

Key features of Pilot-ICE

Simple licensing, fast implementation with powerful functions
for managing engineering data.

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This system is an excellent solution for design firms, architectural studios, project offices, and design departments at industrial companies.

What you should expect from your data management system


Your information should be easy to find and hard to loose through data protection that guards against irretrievable loss and controls the distribution of intellectual property.


The cost of licenses and ownership should be low, along with reduced administration expenses and no requirement for a DBMS purchase.

Ease to use

A low infrastructure requirement, quick installation, works with any CAD system, and requires no additional effort by IT staff.


Works at high speed and comfortably handles large files and multiple projects, thanks to a virtual file system and use of disk caching.

High tech

System employs the latest engineering data management technology that lets you reuse your best practices, provides a project dashboard, and ensures data integrity.

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Pilot-ICE conducts your design projects
(2 minutes)


Pilot-ICE is the simple solution for working jointly on files
(3 minutes)


How to speed up the process for issuing design documentation
(5 minutes)


Pilot-ICE slide presentation (17 minutes)

Pilot-ICE — a tool for data storage, management, and analysis

  • Organizes the collaborative creation of construction, design, engineering, and working documents.
  • Implements management standards
  • Manages a design organization's corporate content
  • Incorporates planning and project management
  • Generates reports on project progress, departmental action, employee activity, and so on
  • Communicates with contractors and customers
  • Mines data
  • Compatible with any CAD systems, as well as calculation and budget systems, and document, image, audio, and video files

A reliable tool for designers, planners, architects, engineers, surveyors

  • Easily work on projects jointly
  • Keep projects safe, maintain project integrity
  • Track and record design efforts, share best practices
  • Communicate effectively with team members

Dashboard for chief engineers, general designers, and head designers

  • Real-time project management monitoring
  • Faster approval of documentation development plans
  • Simpler document approval procedures
  • Simpler procedures for cost estimating
  • Minimize errors and disagreements between departments
  • Easier coordination with contractors and customers

Executive control panel

  • Information safekeeping and intellectual property management
  • Project evaluation and cost reduction
  • Improved quality of issued projects
  • Superior design culture

What are the advantages of Pilot-ICE for small and medium-sized design companies?

  • Seamless integration with any corporate IT infrastructure
  • A system that is ready to use immediately following installation
  • No degradation from unreliable network infrastructure, low-speed or public access channels, or even being offline
  • Easy to use, with no additional staff required
  • High performance and scalability through an unlimited number of workstations
  • Low cost of ownership — no hidden costs from DBMS purchase or added administration
  • Direct technical support for developers
  • System version is always up to date

A uniform integrated solution for data management in large organizations

Overview of the Pilot system


You can start working with Pilot-ICE right now!

Free to use in two-user mode!
  • Protect your data against irretrievable loss. Now your information is easy to find and hard to loose!
  • Fast handling of any file format or size; data is loaded only when called.
  • Works with any CAD system, estimating or budget system, documentation or multimedia files, such as photographs, audio, and video.
  • Supports multiple document reversions, change history logs.
  • Protects documents with digital signatures.

Our unique technology streamlines and protects your information, analyzes data, and organizes the collaboration with customers, contractors, oversight bodies, and so on


High-speed handling of large data volumes


Instant notification of changes made

Synhronized Cache

Fully cached for always-on working mode, even with unreliable network infrastructures, low-speed and public access channels, and offline systems

Global Content Capture

Automatic content capture


Visual matching of text documents and graphical revisions

Geometry Search

Geometry-based search of similarly constructed sketches

Pilot-ICE is the simple solution
for working jointly on files

How to speed up the process for issuing design documentation

Pilot-ICE conducts your design projects

To purchase, install the system,
or request maintenance, please contact:

Phone: +7 (812) 703-3934
Fax: +7 (812) 703-3934
Address: 5 Odoevskogo ul., St-Petersburg
Post address: 199155, Russia, St-Petersburg, 5 Odoevskogo ul.